Sports Connects Individuals to the Environment

Bushani Kaladeen has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Guyana. She is a member of EMC’s Marine Team and is involved in baseline studies.

Why did you study Biology?

“I love the natural environment and am lucky to be born in a country with one of the highest biodiversity in the world. I chose biology because it provided a strong foundation for understanding ecosystems and how to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment.”

How does your study of biology translate into your work at EMC? 

“My studies and experience are tailored towards microbiology and biotechnology, which is ever-evolving, with ongoing discoveries and innovative applications that contribute to our understanding of the oceans and support sustainable practices in marine industries. This translates seamlessly with EMC’s multidisciplinary approach to our marine baseline studies, which aim for a more holistic understanding of marine ecosystems and their interactions with human communities.”

What is the best part of your work at EMC? 

“The highlight of working at EMC thus far has been the knowledge garnered in the marine sector. This exposure has provided a stepping stone in understanding how the fishing sector functions in different regions of Guyana. This experience has also allowed me to travel to many areas and afforded me the opportunity to learn and interact with individuals from different walks of life.”

How else do you experience Guyana’s natural environment?  

“I play field hockey, which gives me plenty of opportunities to be outdoors and connect with the natural elements, whether running on grass or a sandy pitch, feeling the wind, or seeing various forms of wildlife, from birds and insects to larger animals. I was drawn to hockey because it relaxes and calms my mind and helps me stay healthy while contributing to Guyana’s sporting legacy as part of the Guyana Women’s Outdoor National Hockey Team.”

Do you think sports have a role to play in environmental protection? 

“I believe that sports have the unique ability to connect individuals with the environment. Through outdoor activities or the simple joy of competing in nature, sports offer diverse pathways to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the natural world. In an era with numerous environmental challenges, we can harness the power of sports to encourage environmental awareness, appreciation, and protection.”

Bushani, Front Row, Fourth from Left, with her Field Hockey Team

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