EMC Supports Earth Hour 2020: Switch Off to Support Nature

Environmental Management Consultants (EMC) joins millions of people around the world to observe Earth Hour 2020 on March 28, 2020 from 20:00 hrs. to 21:00 hrs. The symbolic lights-out for Earth Hour reminds us that as individuals, we can make a difference in fighting climate change and protecting the planet by taking action to conserve […]

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World Water Day 2020: EMC calls for Stronger Action To Protect Watersheds

  The United Nations has designated March 22 each year as World Water Day and the theme for 2020 is ‘Water and Climate Change’. According to the World Health Organisation, the global climate crisis is inextricably linked to water. Climate change increases variability in the water cycle, inducing extreme weather events, reducing the predictability of […]

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EMC aligns with International Day of Forests Message: “Forests and Biodiversity, Too Precious to Lose”

International Day of Forests is celebrated on March 21st and this year the theme is “Forests and Biodiversity, Too Precious to Lose.” Guyana’s forests cover more than 18 million hectares, approximately 85% of the total land area, and is situated in both the Amazon and Guiana Shield eco-regions. Guyana’s forests are rich in biodiversity, with […]

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