EMC Celebrates Life and Unity!

In the spirit of October’s vibrant colours and meaningful causes, EMC proudly supports both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Agriculture Month! Our recent team-building exercise wasn’t just a day of fun but an opportunity to educate and empower. We shed light on the significance of regular screenings and self-inspection, emphasising that breast cancer knows no […]

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EMC Celebrates Amerindian Heritage Month and Youman Nabi

The EMC team recently gathered for a lively celebration in honour of Amerindian Heritage Month and Youman Nabi. The event began with informative presentations that shed light on the cultural importance and impact of Amerindian Heritage Month and Youman Nabi in Guyana’s history and identity. Team members then engaged in craft-making activities to celebrate Guyana’s […]

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EMC Team Gains Essential First Aid Skills through Red Cross Training

A team from Environment Management Consultants Inc. (EMC) recently participated in a comprehensive First Aid Training program conducted by the Guyana Red Cross Society to enhance safety and preparedness within the workplace, during field missions, and in their daily lives. The training was divided into two components: theory and practical. The theory covered topics such […]

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