EMC Team Gains Essential First Aid Skills through Red Cross Training

A team from Environment Management Consultants Inc. (EMC) recently participated in a comprehensive First Aid Training program conducted by the Guyana Red Cross Society to enhance safety and preparedness within the workplace, during field missions, and in their daily lives.

The training was divided into two components: theory and practical. The theory covered topics such as CPR procedures, injury assessment, and how to respond effectively in emergencies. It laid the foundation for the practical training which involved hands-on exercises to simulate real-life scenarios. By practising these essential skills EMC team members gained confidence in their ability to respond swiftly and effectively in critical situations. Upon completing the training, each EMC team member received a certificate to endorse their capacity to provide first aid in times of need.

The Red Cross First Aid Training was just one example of EMC’s ongoing efforts to empower its team with essential life-saving skills. EMC is dedicated to maintaining the highest safety standards for its staff and clients. This commitment extends to providing regular, up-to-date training opportunities to ensure the team remains aware, prepared, and equipped to handle emergencies.

The EMC Team Practicing Practical First Aid Procedures

The Theory Session of the First Aid Training

Environmental Management Consultants Inc. (EMC) is an environmental service provider and promoter of green growth. EMC works to support efforts aimed at the protection and sustainable management of Guyana’s environment.