Drones and Wireless Camera Traps in Saxacalli Rainforest: A Skyward Shift in Biodiversity Monitoring

Obtaining accurate biodiversity information in Guyana’s rainforests poses challenges, from timing constraints to accessibility issues. EMC is responding with the Saxacalli Monitoring Program, an initiative designed to document the diverse species at the Saxacalli Rainforest Centre (SRC), located on the west bank of the Essequibo River in Region 3.

The program is informed by insights gained from an EMC pilot study that compared drone-assisted camera trapping with traditional methods at the SRC. The study revealed that wireless camera traps capture more animals than traditional methods, enhancing the dataset for analysis and enabling faster and more efficient data collection.

Drawing from these results, EMC Environmental Officer Deopaul Somwaru strategically positioned the wireless camera traps at the SRC, allowing for monthly data collection by drones. The information will then be analysed, uncovering valuable insights into the diverse flora and fauna species inhabiting the area.

“Drones are instrumental in collecting biodiversity data in remote areas,” remarked Deopaul. “As a biologist, photographer, and drone pilot, I am excited to bring my passions together to advance research in the environmental field.”

EMC is utilising this approach as part of its forest monitoring and data capture initiatives in Guyana. The results from this project will increase understanding of drones and wireless camera traps and the opportunities for broader application in biodiversity and forest monitoring.

EMC’s Deopaul Somwaru Installing Wireless Camera Traps at Saxacalli Rainforest Centre.

Aerial View of Saxacalli Rainforest Centre and the Drone in Action.

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