EMC Personnel benefits from capacity building from WWF and PAC Training Exercise

EMC personnel, Michael Philander participated in a Marine Spatial Planning Training and Sea Sketch Virtual Workshop held over the period September 08 – 15, 2020.

The training was conducted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Guyana’s Protected Areas Commission (PAC) as part of the capacity building component of the European Union (EU) funded project – “Promoting Integrated and Participatory Ocean Governance in Guyana: the Eastern Gate to the Caribbean” which aims to significantly enhance the governance and protection of coastal and marine resources of Guyana through collaborative processes with all ocean stakeholders. The training focused on building capacity in the areas of:

Blue Planning – which aims to support integration of environmental management resources and Government priorities at local and national levels; and
SeaSketch – which is a web-based planning tool that utilises mapping interface to visualize Geo spatial data.

Michael, who has background in biology, is integrally involved in EMC’s work in the marine environment and engaging with stakeholders in the fisheries sector.