We All Have a Role to Play in the Protection of Birds

Latchmi joined EMC in 2021 and is a nature lover with a passion for protecting the environment. She strives to find sustainable solutions to everyday problems at work and in her spare time.

“A significant part of my work involves conducting biodiversity surveys across Guyana, where we identify different bird species and their habitats. We come across a wide variety of birds, which is something unique and beautiful to witness. Our work is important because the more information we collect on birds and their habitats, the better equipped we are to protect them.

My favorite bird is the Common Ground-Dove. They are beautiful, unique, and easy to bond with once you gain their trust. However, the bird I often see at home and while working is the Great Kiskadee.

What is fascinating about birds is their beauty, strength, and resilience. They are unbound travelers that migrate vast distances across continents, which is remarkable. They also fill our lives with beautiful birdsong and an array of colors that connect and inspire people across the world. We all have a role to play in their protection.”