Wildlife Conservation Day 2022: EMC Continues to Support Wildlife Protection

December 4th is celebrated as World Wildlife Conservation Day and is dedicated to raising awareness about the preservation and protection of the Earth’s endangered flora and fauna.

Endangered Species of South America: Golden Lion Tamarin (top left), Hyacinth Macaw (top right), Jaguar (bottom left) & the Giant River Otter (bottom right)


As an environmental service provider, Environmental Management Consultants Inc. (EMC) supports several efforts aimed at sustainable management and conservation of Guyana’s rich biodiversity. According to EMC’s Managing Director, Shyam Nokta, “EMC encourages and supports our clients to adopt and integrate the highest environmental standards and procedures, including protection of biodiversity as part of their activities. EMC, through the Saxacalli Rainforest Centre initiative, will continue to promote awareness of biodiversity and work with organisations and stakeholders to protect Guyana’s rich biodiversity and ecosystems.

Members of the Saxacalli Wildlife Club smiling for a picture

The Saxacalli Rainforest Centre is nestled on the left bank of the Essequibo river, approximately 25 miles from Parika, and offers a unique opportunity for students, researchers, and the public to study the environment, explore the tropical rainforest and enjoy the sun, sand, and waters of the Essequibo. The Saxacalli area is rich in floral and faunal diversity which EMC is seeking to research and document through collaboration with the Iwokrama International Centre and other organisations. EMC has also supported the Saxacalli Wildlife Club where students from the village between the ages of  5 to 10 are introduced to environmental topics through hands-on activities. The goal of the wildlife club is to encourage a love for biodiversity and wildlife, and in turn guide students to pursue or assist in biological studies within their home environment.