Top 3 with EMC’s Reanna Khan

Reanna Khan is a Marine Biologist who joined EMC Inc. in 2022. She believes helping people form a positive and personal connection with the environment guarantees its protection.

Reasons I Studied Marine Biology

  • A Childhood Dream: As a child I discovered that our sea turtles are endangered, and I wanted to help to protect them. I knew specialising in marine biology would allow me to do that.
  • To Make Difference: I wanted to learn how to help people use the environment without harming it.
  • Passion: I enjoyed the lectures, interactive lab sessions, exciting field visits, and engaging environmental clubs at the University of Guyana that promoted all things biology.

Moments as a Marine Biologist 

Reanna conducting fieldwork in the mangrove forest.

  • Taking part in the sea turtle monitoring during nesting season at Shell Beach. Patrolling the beach, locating and relocating nests prone to being submerged, and observing hatch success are highlights of my career so far.
  • Crossing paths with a jaguar at night while patrolling Shell Beach. Bright yellow eyes stared at me as I stood in one place with little to no movement to indicate that I posed no harm. The jaguar understood the message and vanished into the dark.
  • Traversing the twist and turns of the 99 Turns in the Moruca River in Region 1 with Scarlet Ibis, Flamingos, and Toucans flying across the sky.

Reasons anyone should consider becoming a marine biologist: 

  • Discovery: Around 95 percent of the ocean is unexplored and has never been seen by human eyes. Although much has been discovered about marine ecosystems such as mangrove forests, there is much more to learn.
  • Making a Difference: At EMC, we contribute to environmental protection efforts by conducting baseline assessments and carrying out research that helps us understand marine ecosystems and explore the best ways to manage them.
  • Exploration: Travelling, meeting new people, and learning new cultures are part of the job. You become more appreciative and open to new and unfamiliar experiences.

Environmental Management Consultants Inc. (EMC), as an environmental service provider and promoter of green growth, works to support efforts aimed at the protection and sustainable management of Guyana’s environment.