Recap: Sharmattie’s Top 3 in 2023

Sharmattie Ramnath, a seasoned professional with an ACCA Advanced Diploma and a Diploma in Accountancy, brings over a decade of expertise in administration and accounting in Guyana’s public and private sectors. With a remarkable 14-year tenure at EMC, she manages operations and project coordination.

Reflecting on a transformative year, Sharmattie shared her top three highlights.

  1. Energy Infusion: Even after working at EMC for over 14 years, I feel energised to come to work every morning. The dynamic nature of my continually expanding role consistently presents fresh challenges that sustain my interest and motivate me. Knowing that my colleagues value my guidance and opinions adds an extra layer of fulfilment and excitement to my job. I take pride in providing support whenever needed, contributing to a collaborative, and thriving work environment.


  1. Revamping Operational Systems: As a manager and a long-standing team member at EMC, I played a pivotal role in helping establish and implement systems that have now become second nature to our operations. Witnessing the integration of these systems by newer team members has been a rewarding experience. My ongoing energy and excitement also stem from observing these systems’ evolution and continued effectiveness as our team expands and evolves.


  1. Cultivating Team Unity: I helped to organise team-building exercises to allow our team to step outside, engage in playful activities, share laughter, and unwind collectively. These activities helped build personal connections among team members, fostering stronger relationships. They also contribute to our collective development and emphasise the importance of growing together.

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