Iwokrama and EMC issue Joint Message on International Day for Biodiversity – Call for renewed action conserve biodiversity and protect ecosystems

On the occasion of International Day for Biodiversity, May 22nd, the Iwokrama International Centre (IIC) and Environmental Management Consultants (EMC) joins the rest of the world in recognizing the critical role of biodiversity in maintaining ecological balance in our natural systems.

The United Nations has identified the theme this year as “Our solutions are in Nature.” There is a renewed call for mankind to re-examine its relationship with the natural world as efforts continue globally to grapple with the COVID 19 pandemic. There is growing recognition of the dependence on ecosystems for health, water, food, medicines, shelter, energy, and the need for urgent action to address conservation of biodiversity and to increase the resilience of nations and communities in the wake of accelerating impacts from climate change.

IIC and EMC recognise the role Guyana has played in providing global leadership and valuable lessons on sustainable forest management, biodiversity conservation and payment for forest climate services through the work of the Iwokrama Centre and initiatives such as the REDD+ Partnership between Guyana and the Kingdom of Norway. IIC and EMC urges continued national and international action to sustainably manage forests to ensure their integrity, to secure livelihoods and protect biodiversity.

IIC and EMC also wish to announce the establishment of a mechanism of cooperation between the two entities which will see joint efforts in the areas of biodiversity conservation, sustainable forest management, research, environmental education and awareness, and the advancement of initiatives to support a low carbon economy.

According to Iwokrama CEO Dane Gobin, “the establishment of the partnership with EMC, a premier environmental service provider in Guyana, would allow access to knowledge, expertise and experience in areas such as environmental and natural resources management, biodiversity conservation and climate change. EMC is a strong advocate for low carbon development and many EMC team members have been involved in national and international initiatives on biodiversity conservation, climate change, forest climate services and REDD+.”

According to EMC’S Managing Director Shyam Nokta, “The world is on a trajectory to catastrophic climate change. We have to take urgent action to protect our natural systems and biodiversity and to secure the future for humanity. Iwokrama has established a solid reputation as an international centre for sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation and has played a leading role in cutting edge research on biodiversity in Guyana. EMC is keen to formalize its relationship with Iwokrama to work together at the national and international level to advance action on biodiversity conservation, sustainable use of forests and climate change.”