Mr. Reuben Charles is an Aquatic Ecologist with over thirty (30) years’ experience. Mr. Charles’ academic qualifications include a Master of Science in Marine Science from the University of Miami and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Guyana.

He comes from a background in biology and marine science with extensive experience in conducting aquatic surveys as part of the biodiversity reporting for environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and strategic environmental assessments (SEAs). He has been involved in a number of major projects in Guyana such as the Fisheries Background Report 1993, the preparation of fisheries component of Guyana’s National Development Strategy (2000) and the National Fisheries Management and Development Plan. Through EMC, Mr. Charles was involved with EMC in preparing the marine and aquatic life component of the environmental impact studies for the Jaguar 1 well for REPSOL; and the SEAs for CGX Resources Inc. (CGX) Corentyne Block and REPSOL’s Georgetown Block.

Mr. Charles has over 35 years in the fisheries sector and served as Guyana’s Chief Fisheries Officer for 15 years. Since 1981 he has served on several oversight bodies for Guyana’s fisheries sector and at one time chaired the National Fisheries Advisory Committee.