Earth Day 2022 – Invest in Our Planet

World Earth Day 2022 is happening at a time when we are facing global environmental challenges such as floods, polluted oceans, illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, and climate change. We must ask ourselves what more we can do to reduce the destruction of the Earth.

Stella Madete, EMC’s Senior Environmental Officer, says, ‘World Earth Day reminds us of the importance of taking action against climate change, the destruction of our biodiversity, and pollution. At Environment Management Consultants (EMC), we are committed to these global efforts. We provide environmental services and promote green growth because balancing economic growth and protection is an investment in Earth’s future.”

Sharing similar sentiments, EMC’s Managing Director and recent awardee of the Anthony N Sagba Awards for Caribbean Excellence Shyam Nokta said, “The call to action to save the planet is not just for Governments or some countries, but for everyone. We must take collective action. In accordance with the theme for Earth Day 2022, we must be prepared to invest in our planet. Invest in time to understand issues affecting our planet, and then invest in actions to protect our planet. EMC is committed to playing our part in supporting greater awareness and action at the local and national level.”