Baseline Studies Critical for Ecosystem Management

Jumel Jarvis has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Guyana, with a minor in chemistry. He is an Environmental Officer in EMC’s Marine Team and is involved in baseline studies.

Why did you choose to study Biology?

My initial intention when entering the field was to understand the foundation of life and then advance into another field. However, after learning how behavioural and social systems affect biology, and vice versa, I decided to continue my studies in this area.

How would you characterise your work at EMC?

  • Interesting: Guyana has an abundance of marine species. I am fortunate to come across species of different shapes, sizes, and colours, many of which I had never seen before.
  • Educational: I am lucky to travel to different parts of Guyana, interact with different people, and explore the interaction of environment, culture, and society.
  • Important: The best part of my job is knowing that the work we do will contribute to efforts to protect ecosystems and habitats.

 What are your hopes for the future of environmental protection in Guyana?

Every species plays a pivotal role in our ecosystem and its sustainability and understanding them is essential to their conservation. I hope to continue contributing to environmental studies examining the natural world and our interaction with it, and raising awareness of the importance of safeguarding our environment for the current and future generations.

Jumel Conducting Fieldwork.

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