Recap: Shannon’s Top 3 in 2023


Shannon Stephenson, with a Bachelor’s in Tourism Studies and currently pursuing a Master’s in Environmental Management from the University of Guyana, brings experience from the tourism and hospitality sector. This includes roles with a leading hotel, tour operators, and the Ministry of Tourism. At EMC, she leads initiatives in tourism and conservation, leveraging her industry insights and expertise to drive impactful strategies.

Reflecting on a transformative year, Shannon shared her top three highlights.

  • Personal and Professional Development: In 2023, while at EMC, I had the privilege of engaging in training programs that significantly contributed to my professional and personal development. I received training in Tour Guiding and Interpretation, Customer Service, and Etiquette, which enhanced my skill set.


  • Working on Projects that Supported Conservation: Throughout 2023, I had the opportunity to collaborate with many organisations and agencies, contributing to multifaceted conservation initiatives. These efforts covered a spectrum of initiatives, including livelihood programs and proactive measures to foster environmental awareness and sustainability.


  • Travelling around Guyana: I travelled extensively across five different regions in Guyana and explored life in various villages. This experience offered a deep insight into diverse cultures and ways of life, broadening my understanding and appreciation for different societal norms and traditions.

Environmental Management Consultants Inc. (EMC), as an environmental service provider and promoter of green growth, works to support efforts to protect and sustain Guyana’s environment.