World Day of Health and Safety at Work

April 28 is World Day of Health and Safety at Work, observed to promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally. At EMC, safety comes first. We apply our Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) systems and procedures across all areas of operation and ensure consistency in their implementation, both at the office and in the field on projects.

Tishawanna Harry, EMC’s Senior Environmental Officer and Health and Safety Adviser.

To mark this important day, Tishwanna Harry, EMC’s Senior Environmental Officer and Health and Safety Adviser, shared three top HSSE tips.

  1. Don’t take health and safety for granted: We all have busy lives and sometimes forget the risks we face daily. Therefore, it is important that as we go about our days, we are always mindful of our surroundings and the activities around us.
  1. Proactive Planning Prevents Problems: Stay ahead of the game and resolve any issues before incidents or accidents occur. This will help prevent accidents, save on costs, enforce a positive safety culture, and prepare workers to deal with issues, accidents, and incidents when they occur.
  1. Checklists, Checklists, Checklists: Always prepare and use a checklist. This document is used to inspect and identify potential workplace hazards that can cause potential harm to people, processes, and the environment. It is an integral part of workplace safety and helps enhance workplace safety.

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