EMC has conducted environmental training sessions for Governmental and Non-Governmental stakeholders. EMC’s experience include:

  • Conducted training workshops with regulatory agencies to strengthen the capacity of field officers to allow greater oversight of gold mining operations.
  • Developed and implemented awareness programmes on environmental issues and environmental management with indigenous communities on the Essequibo Coast.
  • Conducted training workshops on tourism and environmental management for stakeholders in a key township and Region of Guyana.
  • Conducted training programme on environmental awareness and best-practice for personnel of a large-scale bauxite operations in the Berbice area and personnel from a major food manufacturing company in Demerara.
  • Developed and implemented a country-wide series of dialogue and capacity building workshops on REDD+ and Guyana’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System (MRVS).

EMC expanded it’s scope to offer awareness raising, training and capacity development on environmental management, climate change, and green development. Training can be customised and fir for purpose.