Forestry is one of the traditional sectors in Guyana. EMC’s work in the forestry sector includes providing support to Government, private sector and community forestry initiatives.

EMC’s experience in the forestry sector include:

  • Preparation of a Sector Environmental Assessment of Guyana’s forestry industry.
  • Conducted Environmental Impact Assessments for large-scale forestry operations in the North West; Cuyuni, Mazaruni, Puruni, and Siparuni Districts and the Upper Essequibo Region.
  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans for logging operations in the North West, Potaro and Siparuni Districts and for a sawmill and plyboard factory on the West Bank of Demerara.
  • Preparation of Community Forest Management Plans for indigenous communities in the North West and Mazaruni Districts.
  • Provided support to a major forestry operation to address corrective action requests by the Forest Stewardship Council.Preparation of Road Management Plans for logging operations in the North West District.
  • Currently providing environmental compliance support for large-scale forestry operations in Guyana.

In addition to environmental services, EMC team members have substantial experience in REDD+ (avoided deforestation) and in the development and implement of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System (MRVS). EMC is involved in supporting awareness raising information dissemination to forestry stakeholders across Guyana on REDD+ and the MRVS.