Barama Company Limited (BCL) has been operating in Guyana for twenty (20) years and currently has the largest timber operations in the country. BCL has a 1,611,195 hectares concession and its core business is forest management, timber harvesting, down-stream wood processing and manufacturing. BCL currently operates a plywood factory and sawmill at Land of Canaan and a veneer plant and sawmill at Buck Hall on the Essequibo River, and conducts logging within its concession in the North West Region.

BCL operations commenced before the enactment of the environmental legislation and the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the Company and were therefore not required to have Environmental Authorisation at the time. However, in an effort to ensure environmental compliance and sustainability, the Company is moving towards having all aspects of its operations permitted by the EPA. BCL has already obtained Environmental Authorisations from the EPA for its operations at Land of Canaan and Buck Hall and is currently in the process of having its logging operations permitted.

BCL has a relationship with EMC to provide environmental support and guidance. EMC has previously audited BCL’s operations to determine compliance with and implementation of corrective measures relating to forest certification. More recently EMC has conducted environmental compliance monitoring of BCL’s operations at Land of Canaan and Buck Hall and assisted the Company in the preparation of Environmental Compliance Report for submission to the EPA. Currently EMC has completed the preparation of a Draft Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for BCL’s logging operation, as required by the EPA. This comprehensive EMP covers all aspects of the Company’s logging operations, and recommends practical measures to ensure the operation is sustainable and impacts to the environment are minimised or prevented.

The relationship with BCL is a demonstration of the longstanding and continuous involvement and support which EMC has been providing to the forestry sector, especially in assisting the various stakeholders in achieving environmental compliance and sustainability.