EMC Inc. Conducts Routine Compliance Monitoring on the East Bank of Demerara

Environmental Management Consultants Inc. (EMC) encourages and supports organisations to adopt and integrate the highest environmental standards and procedures by conducting environmental compliance monitoring, audits, and reporting.

A team from EMC recently conducted environmental compliance monitoring on the East Bank of Demerara as part of ongoing support to several clients. The exercise involved surface and groundwater testing and analyses, noise measurements, health and safety assessment, and an evaluation of fuel, lubricant, chemical, and waste management, emergency response, and compliance with regulatory and reporting requirements.

Environmental compliance monitoring is key to managing and minimising the impact an organisation’s activities have on an environment and contribute to the early detection of environmental issues. It is one of the primary tools used to prevent and mitigate risks of harmful effects on the environment.

The EMC Team Conducting a Noise Measurement.