Champion the Cause of Biological Conservation

Arthur Adams is a Marine Biologist who joined EMC in 2022. He believes in following his passions, keeping fit, and challenging his mind.

“At the age of five, I was mesmerized by the psychedelic colours of the multitudes of guppies living in the drain beside my house in Guyana. I would catch these ‘kakabellies’ and keep them in jars. Fortitude placed me in the Caribbean Sea on the coral reefs of the Nature Island of Dominica at the age of nine. This novel kaleidoscope of colours exceeded anything I have ever witnessed. The many shapes and sizes of the coral reef’s sea creatures convinced me that I had discovered a parallel universe. A place more marvellous than Enid Blyton’s book ‘The Magic Faraway Tree.’

The sea creature that captivates me most is the nudibranch, the most colourful of sea slugs. These translucent and ghost-like miniature molluscs transcend the spectrum of visible colours. As I learned about terrestrial and aquatic habitats, the uniqueness of Guyana became apparent. The small Cardinal Tetra is a fish found in our creeks with the most radiant blues and reds sought after by international aquarists. We also have the largest freshwater fish in the world, the Arapaima.

I would say that preserving the Earth’s biodiversity for the children of today and the generation to come is reason enough to champion the cause of biological conservation.”