EMC is a leading provider of environmental services to develop the agriculture sector in Guyana. Services range from strategic and environmental impact assessments to compliance monitoring of social and environmental safeguards of donor organisations.

EMC’s experience in the agriculture sector include:

  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans for integrated large scale farming projects in the Intermediate Savannahs and North Rupununi Savannahs and large scale land development on the Essequibo Coast.
  • Completion of Environmental Assessments for key infrastructure projects in the Drainage and Irrigation System and Conservancies across the coast of Guyana.
  • Conducted a Rapid Biodiversity Assessment for the expansion of sugar cultivation in the Berbice area.
  • Conducted environmental performance analyses of sugar factories across the sugar industry.
  • Conducted environmental compliance monitoring of donors environmental and social safeguards for projects in the Drainage and Irrigation System.