EMC conducts biodiversity assessments and monitoring and prepares Biodiversity Management Plan for clients utilizing its team of biodiversity experts which specializes in flora (aquatic & terrestrial) and fauna (birds, mammals, fishes, reptiles, amphibians, macro-invertebrates, etc.). During the conduct of biodiversity assessments and monitoring a number of approved techniques are utilized and the surveys are done in both wet and dry seasons. Once field surveys are completed a comprehensive analyses of the data is done and a report prepared detailing the biological conditions of the project area. EMC also prepares Biodiversity Management Plans to ensure project activities does not negatively affect the biodiversity of an area, especially as it relates to endangered, rare and threatened species.

EMC, with its team of professionals and technical experts, conducts Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) for different developmental activities in various sectors, and which are required as part of the environmental clearance and authorization process. EMC ensures that all ESIAs are done in accordance with the process outlined in the Environmental Protection Act 1996 and the EPA’s EIAs Guidelines. EMC provides guidance to clients during the administrative process and, in the ESIA process, conducts various tasks including regulatory and institutional review, environmental, social and biological baseline collection and analyses, stakeholders consultations, impact prediction, mitigation planning, monitoring and emergency response planning, etc.